Dress Code

Our students are role models for our Sixth Form and as such should be smartly dressed for the professional business workplace.

Please see the list below which sets out what students should wear:

  • Business suit with blazer, shirt and formal trousers
  • Business dress with blazer. Dresses must have sleeves which cover at least the top quarter of the arm - no stretchy lycra material allowed.
  • Business blazer with blouse and formal trousers/skirt. Skirts should be at least to the knee - no stretchy lycra material allowed.
  • Smart, plain jumper, formal shirt and trousers
  • Religious Dress: Students may wish to wear the Islamic dress
  • Transgender students may dress consistently in accordance with their gender presentation
  • PE and Performing Arts students are expected to conform to the individual expectations of that subject when required
  • Smart shoes – no trainers, sliders, flip flops or crocs
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