Director's Welcome

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Director's Welcome

Welcome to the Ortu Sixth Form Centre Stanford & Corringham. I am sure that you will find your time here valuable, enjoyable and rewarding. We want you to be successful and well prepared for your next step; you will receive high-quality teaching, lots of support from your teachers, Head of Year and Assistant Director, but this alone will not be enough. You will need to work hard and keep a firm eye on your goals.

The Sixth Form is built around a personal experience and, although the priority is obviously to achieve the best academic results possible, we also want to provide an environment which provides for your intellectual, social, emotional and moral growth, enabling you to leave the Sixth Form a caring, competent and confident person, able
to enjoy and contribute fully to the world around you. We want to know you as individuals, treat you as adults and make sure you are given all the necessary support and guidance to achieve your potential.

In order for us to work together successfully, we need to abide by some guiding principles. We will, however, have some expectations of you, the student, and in turn, you can expect an entitlement from us.

Remember, students who are committed, engaged and enthusiastic are usually the students that succeed best, setting them on the path to a wonderful future.

Sue Weston MMed Sci BEd (Hons), Director of Sixth Form

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