Art & Design - Photography

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in either GCSE Photography, GCSE Art & Design, GCSE Textiles or Merit in BTEC Art (Level 2) or approval of portfolio.


About This Course

Photography is about looking, learning, thinking and communicating ideas. This course requires an enthusiasm for photography and the Visual Arts, imagination and an enquiring mind. You are encouraged to express your own artistic identity, be creative, thoughtful and independent. You will be given the opportunity to explore a range of photographic media and techniques and use computer software to explore, develop and create your work.

Throughout the course you will learn and develop skills in digital SLR photography, studio photography and lighting, film SLR photography and exposure in the dark room, screen printing and editing in Photoshop in the mac suite.

You are required to make frequent trips to museums and galleries to research your own work and to arrange photo-shoots to create your work.

You are expected to commit to 5 hours a week working independently on your coursework. This may include making visits, photo-shoots and time spent in the department developing coursework. You are encouraged to use your study periods and the weekly workshops to work on your coursework taking advantage of the facilities and support within the department.

All work submitted will be marked by the course teacher and moderated by the examining board.


Course Content & Assessment

A Level (2 year course) Component 1:  Personal Investigation 60%

You will begin the course with a series of skill based lessons designed to build your knowledge, imagination and confidence across all areas of the course including: photography, editing, reflecting and refining, creative thinking and critical reflection.

You will then have complete freedom to choose your own theme for your ‘Personal Investigation’, where you will be supported to select an idea, issue, concept or theme to explore through your work. Your practical work produced during this unit will be documented in your sketchbook and supported by written reflection (1000-3000 words).

A Level Component 2:  Externally Set Assignment 40%

You will be given a question paper by the examining board AQA. The paper contains eight exciting themes. You choose one to explore and develop into a final piece that will be completed during 15 hours supervised time.


What could this course lead to?

A Level Photography can lead to higher qualifications, such as the Foundation Diploma and Degree. It can also lead to a variety of creative careers including Photography, Film, Television and Visual Culture, Animation, Graphic Design, Marketing and Journalism.


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