Media Studies

Entry Requirements 

Grade 4 in English and Maths. No previous study in Media is necessary.

About This Course

A Level Media Studies is a 2 Year course that initially examines the theoretical framework of Media as an abstract.  It examines the theorists that analyse modern and historical media products in order that a working knowledge of how theory is employed to develop understanding within this subject as well as allowing contextualisation of how and why media looks and behaves the way it does.

Case Studies are provided by the examination board (AQA) and students spend the larger part of their timetabled lessons completing these studies in a teacher led environment.

Course work accounts for 30% of the final grade with 2 written examinations accounting for the final 70% with each paper counting for 35%.


Course Content & Assessment

The AQA A Level Media Studies qualification comprises a combination of set Close Study Products which will be issued prior to the start of the course.  All CSPs are mandatory (70% of qualification) and form 2 terminal examinations. A coursework (NEA element) element prescribed by AQA and marked internally (30% of qualification).


What could this course lead to?

Media Studies is a largely analytical subject and, as such, is a gateway subject to either higher education or the work place. Where cultural capital, political literacy and analytical skills are developed and applied, this could form an overall qualification package aimed toward Media courses, Performing Arts courses or any other humanities based subject areas. In cases of higher education, a BA or BA Hons can be achieved in either single honours or combined honours degrees. It can also be used in related fields of work or to demonstrate success to a chosen level of study post 16.

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