Mathematics - Statistics *NEW*

Entry Requirements 

Mathematics GCSE grade 5 and English Language grade 4.


About This Course

Market research in business and commerce, improving the teamwork of a Premier League football team, predicting the next volcanic eruption… all of these activities, and many more, make use of statistical analysis in order to check facts, make predictions and suggest improvements.

A Level Statistics looks at the application of statistical techniques such as the collection, analysis, interpretation and explanation of data.  Using these techniques, predictions can be made followed by suggested actions.  Because of this, Statistics is an A Level subject that fits well with many others.  It supports The Sciences, including Psychology and Sociology, enabling students to be able to analyse the data that they collect, as well as going hand in hand with Business Studies, enabling us to study and make predictions on consumers’ actions.  It even supports PE and Sports, equipping athletes with the tools to analyse their performance and find ways in which gains and improvements can be made.


Course Content & Assessment

The course builds upon the Statistics and Probability components of GCSE Mathematics and introduces new topics. These are assessed by three (two hour) examinations, which will take place at the end of the second year of study. All three exams are weighted equally.


What could this course lead to?

Students with an A Level in Statistics have found their skills to be valuable when taking degrees in Anthropology, Biology, Business Studies, Geography and Psychology. Statistics is now used so widely that many employers would see a qualification in Statistics as a distinct advantage.

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