Philosophy *NEW*

Entry Requirements

Minimum Grade 6 in English.

About This Course

For most aspects in life there is a philosophy – a way of thinking. Translated, philosophy is a love of wisdom.  It examines the actual nature of knowledge, what it is to know something and how we can claim to know it.

The course is broken into 4 distinct elements. These are;

  • Epistemology – what knowledge actually is.
  • Moral philosophy – the distinctions between good and bad / right and wrong and how various philosophers concluded the differences between moral acts and thoughts.
  • The metaphysics of God – The arguments for and against the existence of God and the nature of God.
  • The metaphysics of Mind – What is mind and is it fundamentally separate or inseparable from body?

A Level Philosophy is designed to encourage students to:

  • Become critical/analytical thinkers above anything else which then prepares them not only for university but also provides tools for questioning those ideas that are often either simply dismissed with no further questioning.
  • Learn to be clear and precise in their thinking and writing
  • Engage with complex texts, analysing and evaluating the arguments of others and constructing and defending their own arguments.

Course Content & Assessment

A Level Philosophy consists of two examinations which comprise 100% of the A Level grade.
There will be two papers which will each last for three hours.

  • Paper 1: Section A: Five questions on epistemology and Section B: Five questions on moral philosophy (50% of A Level)
  • Paper 2: Section A: Five questions on the metaphysics of God and Section B: Five questions on the metaphysics of mind (50% of A Level)

What could this course lead to?

A Level Philosophy gives students the transferable skills for progression into higher education or career routes which are analytical in nature in terms of careers or other wider humanities subjects in terms of university education.

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