About This Course
The A Level course builds on and extends the learning of students from GCSE, developing skills of logic, application of reason, and problem-solving. As well as introducing advanced mechanics and statistics It challenges students at the highest end of intellectual capacity and is highly regarded in the workplace and education. 

Course Content & Assessment

  1. Paper 1 – Pure 1: 2 hours, 100 marks
  2. Paper 2 – Pure 2: 2 hours, 100 marks 
  3. Paper 3 – Statistics & Mechanics: 2 hours, 100 marks (50 marks each)

What could this course lead to?
Career prospects for students with Mathematics A Level are excellent. It is used in several fields and is a requirement for many technical higher education courses such as Engineering, Science and Medicine. Mathematics A Level prepares you for careers in Education, Business, Finance and Government, and is a qualification that is much valued by employers.

What do I need to study this course?
Grade 7+ Mathematics
Pass on entrance exam in first week of joining the course

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