Mathematics - Further Maths

About This Course
The course builds upon the standard A Level in Mathematics and is based on a balance of both Pure and Applied Mathematics. This subject is a big commitment and should only be considered if there is a thorough enjoyment for Mathematics and a desire for a STEM career. 

Course Content & Assessment

  1. Paper 1 – Core Pure 1: proof, complex numbers, matrices, further algebra and functions, further calculus, further vectors (1.5 hours, 75 marks)
  2. Paper 2 – Core Pure 2: complex numbers, further algebra and functions, further calculus, polar coordinates, hyperbolic functions, differential equations (1.5 hours, 75 marks)
  3. Paper 3 – Decision 1: (1.5 hours, 75 marks)
  4. Paper 4 – Further Pure 1/Further Mechanics 1/Further Statistics 1 (1.5 hours, 75 marks) (paper 4 is determined by the teacher to best suit the students’ strength on a year-by-year basis)

What could this course lead to?
A Level Further Mathematics is essential for students wishing to study Mathematics at a top-tier University. Many universities will only consider applicants who have studied Further Maths. This applies to undergraduate Physics and Engineering courses too. Due to its challenging nature, often universities will make lower offers to students who have completed Further Maths.

What do I need to study this course?
Grade 7+ Mathematics
Pass on entrance exam in first week of joining the course
Must also study A Level Mathematics

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