Science - Physics

About This Course
Physics is the discipline of science that deals with the everyday working of things around us.

It will open your eyes to a level of complex simplicity as to how the universe is and how everything around us works.  How does my television work?  How fast do I need to go to get into space?  How does my phone get a signal?  

Studying Physics will enhance your ability to understand how to solve problems and engineer solutions to fix them, or create something completely new!  With this firm knowledge of the working world and inherent problem-solving skills, 

Physics leads to great possibilities within all types of software, mechanical and electronic engineering.  

Course Content & Assessment
This specification can be sat as either an AS one year course or an A Level two year course, although we recommend all students start by sitting the AS in year 12.

Mandatory Units: Measurements & their Errors, Particles & Radiation, Waves, Mechanics & Materials, Electricity, Further Mechanics & Thermal Physics, Fields & their Consequences, Nuclear Physics.

Optional Units Include:  Astrophysics, Medical Physics, Engineering Physics, Turning Points in Physics, Electronics. 

The AS Level is assessed by 2 written papers at the end of year 12 focusing on five of the mandatory units.
The A Level is assessed by three written papers at the end of year 13 looking at all mandatory units plus one of the optional units.

There will be no coursework or controlled assessment. Students will do at least 12 practicals during their A Level course.  An endorsement of practical work will be assessed by the teacher. Practical skills and data analysis will be assessed in paper 3 at A Level.

What could this course lead to?
With an A Level in Physics, and possibly a degree, you could find yourself working in many diverse fields such as:
Architect, Mechanical Engineer, Astronaut, Astronomy, Sound Engineering, Career in the RAF, Pilot, Lighting Engineer, Computer Engineering, Defence Industry or Telecommunications.

Physics also opens many doors to those wishing to go into Accountancy and Finance as it is based on similar analytical skills.

What do I need to study this course?
Grade 6+ Physics
Grade 6-6+ Combined Science
and also
Grade 6+ English Language
Grade 6+ Mathematics

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