Entry Requirements 

Minimum grade 5 in French and 4 in English and Maths

About This Course

Students must study the following themes and sub-themes in relation to at least one French-speaking country. Students must study the themes and sub-themes using a range of sources, including material from online media.


Course Content & Assessment

What topics will you study?

  • Changes in family structure
  • Education
  • World of Work
  • Media
  • Festivals and traditions
  • Positive impact of immigration on French society
  • Responding to the challenges of immigration and integration in France
  • Far right politics
  • Occupied France
  • Vichy regime
  • Resistance
  • Study of a film or novel


What could this course lead to?

Are you interested in other cultures and languages? Do you like to communicate? Do you want to be ready for our modern world where globalisation is king? A-level French will give you an understanding of another culture and foster a range of transferable skills which are valuable to you as an individual and to society. Studying French will give you a range of skills - problem solving, communication, critical thinking, open-mindedness and many more which make you attractive to future employers in a range of fields.

You will discover new cultures and gain a broader view of today's increasingly globalized world. In today's job market employers favour prospective employees who can offer a foreign language. Universities widely respect MFL qualifications as proof of the academic ability to study a wide variety of courses.

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