Ruti wins The Voice UK 2018

Ruti, an alumnus of Ortu Gable Hall was voted Winner of 2018 finals of ITV’s The Voice UK, after a succession of flawless performances which took her through all the stages of national Tv competition. She was sponsored by none other than the legendary Sir Tom Jones who could be seen teary eyed as Ruti belted her soon to be debut single ‘Dreams’. 

A very grounded Ruti, who Sir Tom Jones describes repeatedly as ‘a breath of fresh air’ real named Ruth Olajugbagbe (18, of Corringham, Thurrock) said ‘I knew from the age of 14 that singing was what I wanted to do with my life...’ as she was congratulated on her phenomenal achievement. She is currently studying A Level Drama, Music and Music Tech at the high achieving and oversubscribed Ortu 6th Form Centre - Stanford & Corringham, which offers eight Performing Arts Subjects Post 16. 

Ruth follows an illustrious line of house hold names and famous artists, whose muse found them whilst they were students at Gable Hall School; Dougie Poynter, Perri Kiely, Louisa, Brook Lammiman and now Ruti, winner of ITV The Voice 2018.

“We always knew that Ruti had something special, having that rare combination of intellect, talent and humility. She is so kind, driven and level headed,” said Ms Sue Weston, Director of Ortu 6th Form Centre - Standford & Corringham. “Her voice blows you over. We are so very proud of her”, said Mr Clive Stokes, Headteacher of Ortu Gable Hall School.

Her win opens the doors of fame to yet another of Thurrock’s children and puts Ortu Gable Hall School firmly on the Performing Arts map of the country. With a guaranteed music contract, a streamed single and several gigs lined up as immediate spin-offs of her win, the future is very bright for Ruti, The Voice UK 2018. 

The whole community of Stanford and Corringham, Ortu Gable Hall, The whole of the Ortu Federation, and of course family and friends have been steadfast in their support throughout filming. At Ortu Gable Hall, rubbing shoulders with celebrities is becoming the norm. “This is truly fantastic news. Great for the school and great for Thurrock” said Mr Rory Patterson, Thurrock Director of Children and Social Services in Thurrock

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