A Level Results Day Success at Ortu Sixth Form Centre

Students at Ortu Sixth Form Centre are celebrating some amazing A-Level results today. Despite the challenging year many students have had due to the pandemic, those at the Sixth Form Centre have pushed through and are looking to further their education or  begin apprenticeships.

Mr. Ceri Evans, headteacher, said: I am truly thrilled for all the students, the hard work they have put in and the grades they have achieved. Our intention is to ensure every student is able to secure their place at university or get an apprenticeship that they initially chose. Well done and congratulations to everybody.”

Dr Sophina Asong, CEO of Ortu, is keen that all students take their next steps successfully. She said: “This year our students have prevailed under some of the most difficult circumstances ever seen. Throughout their course and continuing into lockdown, they have shown great determination and commitment to their studies.”

Ms. Sue Weston, Director of the Ortu Sixth Form Centre commented: “I am absolutely thrilled for the young people of our Ortu Sixth Form Centre. I am so proud of all my students who have worked hard in such difficult circumstances and I wish them every success for the future.”

  • Abbie Waters, 17 from Corringham, said: “I’m very happy with my grades. Being here from Corringham Primary, to Gable Hall all the way up to Sixth Form makes the transition so much easier, as there’s a relationship already there. We know the way the school runs, and the teachers know how you work, so it makes everything so much easier.” Abbie will be going to Queen Mary University in September to study Economics.
  • Jack Howe, 18 from Stanford, will be applying for the RAF after receiving his results today. He said: “I’ve been here from Year 7 up until now. I already had a relationship with the teachers here so going from Gable Hall to Sixth Form has been great. The support they give you here, and the extra support if you’re falling behind or struggling, has really helped me get to where I want to be.”
  • Reece Carter, 18, Stanford, said: “I’m very proud of my grades. All through Covid the teachers have been really supportive. They’ve helped us throughout lockdown with no issues at all.” Reece will be joining Imperial College London in September to study Maths.
  • Ben Lloyd, 18, Corringham, is off to the University of Aberystwyth, Wales, to study Physics with Space Science. In the future, he would like to work anywhere in the space industry. He said: “The teachers here have been great. Nothing is ever too much of an effort for them and they’re always there to help with what you need, whether it’s Covid or exams.”
  • Danny Jago, 18, from Stanford, said: “I’m really pleased with my results. I was hoping for these grades, but I didn’t think I’d actually get them, so I’m over the moon with what I’ve got! I’ve got into the University of Kent to do clinical psychology for three years, and then I’ll see where I go after that.” He credits the Sixth Form Centre with helping him out with advice and support during his time there.
  • Mia Ward, 18, Langdon Hills, received the grades she needed to study Law at the University of Kent. She said: “Ms Weston was always there to support me, and I kept in contact with my teachers a lot, so I always had someone there to rely on, encourage me and give me the extra push I needed to get the grades I got today.” She is planning to do a masters after her degree to become a barrister.
  • Ami Finch, 17, Stanford, will be staying at the Sixth Form Centre to study Criminology for a second year, but she was ecstatic with her results. She said: “I’m really happy, my results are exactly what I wanted, and I couldn’t ask for better!”. Ami said one of the reasons she excelled in her studies was due to how comfortable and supported she felt during her time at Gable Hall for secondary learning, and then the Sixth Form centre for her A Levels. She said: “The environment, the teachers – I know I’m safe and have people around me to support and help me. I wouldn’t have wanted to go anywhere else for college or Sixth Form because I love it here.”
  • Lauren Hart, 18 from Corringham, will be heading to London to start her degree apprenticeship in Project Management. She said: “I’m really excited to get started there. I went to Gable Hall for secondary too so I’m sad to be leaving, as I’ve built a relationship with my teachers. They know me and get the way I learn so this is a nice way to leave.”
  • Nicholina Quaye, 18 from Stanford, was very proud of herself after receiving the results she needed to do civil engineering at the University of East London. She said: “I want to own my own civil engineering company one day and the work I’ve done at the Sixth Form Centre will really go towards that.”
  • Izzy May, 18 from East Tilbury, achieved her results to get to the University of Essex to study Criminology and Forensics, but has also been shortlisted for a detective programme apprenticeship in Chelmsford. She said: “I’m so proud of my results.”
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