Entry Requirements

Dance GCSE grade 5 and English Language GCSE grade 5.


About This Course

This course is for someone who enjoys all aspects of dance; choreography, performing, watching and analysing professional companies as well as each other.  You will gain a deeper understanding about your body and how it moves through the theoretical delivery of Anatomy and Physiology in Dance.  You will be required to dance as a soloist and as part of a group for the practical examination.  It is essential that you are motivated and committed and willing to give extra time for practical rehearsal. The course can be completed as a one year course gaining an AS qualification or a two year course gaining the full A Level.


Course Content & Assessment

AS Component 1: Performance & Choreography Unit.

  • The process of solo choreography from investigation and research of ideas through to final dance.
  • The development of physical and interpretative skills in relation to performance of the solo choreography
  • The development of performance skills within a duo/trio performance context

Assessed by Practical Coursework worth 50% of AS Level

AS Component 2:  Critical Engagement.

  • Knowledge, understanding and critical appreciation of two professional works.
  • Demonstrate reflection and understanding of own choreographic and performance practice.

This component is assessed by a written examination worth 50% of AS level.

A Level Component 1: Performance & Choreography Unit.

  • Solo performance linked to a specified practitioner within an area of study.
  • Performance in a quartet.
  • Group choreography based on exam question.

Assessed by practical exam worth 50% of A Level

A Level Component 2: Critical Engagement

  • Knowledge, understanding and critical appreciation of two set works.
  • Short answer questions and one essay question on the compulsory set work/area of study.
  • Two essay questions on the second set work/area of study

This component is assessed by written examination worth 50% of A Level


What could this course lead to?

This subject is relevant for anyone who has a passion for dance and a desire to study dance further at University or a professional establishment. It also complements any Theatre Studies or Performing Arts course.  Further career outcomes could be: Professional Dancer, Dance Teacher, Community Dance Work or Choreographer.


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