Mathematics - Further Maths

Entry Requirements

Mathematics GCSE grade 7. Students will sit a suitability test in the first week of the course. Students must have A Level Mathematics as one of their other course choices.


About This Course

A Level Further Mathematics is a particularly rigorous qualification. It is aimed at students who are considering reading Mathematics at University and as such the concepts are complex. Suitability requires a significant ability and a real appetite for studying ‘challenging’ mathematics.


Course Content & Assessment

The course builds upon the standard A Level in Mathematics and is based on a balance of both Pure and Applied Mathematics. It is delivered alongside the standard A Level in Mathematics.

Core Mathematics - This is divided into two compulsory units that are studied across both years; Further Pure Mathematics 1 and Further Pure Mathematics 2. The modules include topics such as Proof, Complex Numbers, Matrices, Further Algebra and Functions, Further Calculus, Further Vectors, Polar Coordinates, Hyperbolic Functions and Differential Equations.

Further Statistics 1 - In this course you will learn about Linear regression, Statistical distributions (discrete), Statistical distributions (continuous), Correlation, Hypothesis testing, Chi squared tests.

Further Mechanics 1 - Momentum and impulse,  collisions,  centres of mass, work and energy, elastic strings and springs

We also offer Decision Mathematics I for students who wish to choose it, however as most top tier universities prefer students to study Mechanics and Statistics, we encourage and advise students to take Further Statistics and Further Mechanics. In the Decision Maths 1 course you will learn Algorithms and graph theory, algorithms on graphs, algorithms on graphs II, critical path analysis, linear programming.

All students will be assessed on these modules via 4 external examination, two compulsory and two optional at the end of Year 13. Each examination will last for one and a half hours and is worth 25% of the overall A Level.


What could this course lead to?

A Level Further Mathematics is a requirement for students wishing to read Mathematics at a top tier University. Typically it is taken in conjunction with A Level Mathematics. Together these form attractive A Levels highly regarded by academics and employers alike.

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